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The benefits of push notifications on cell phones

The benefits of push notifications on cell phones

Do you know what direct marketing is? This is the set of communication methods used to address the customer directly. There are many ways to do this, such as emailing, sending SMS messages or push notifications. It stands out from the crowd and offers a real advantage to retailers…

What is a push notification?

A mobile push notification is a message sent from a server to a customer’s mobile device (smartphone or tablet). To do this, you need your own mobile application. Push notifications are necessarily linked to a mobile application. Once installed, your customers don’t need to open the application in question, or even use their cell phone to receive your notification.

What advantages does it offer retailers?

Push notifications are a great way to stay intouch with customers and build loyalty. As with SMS, push notifications cannot be blocked by spam filters or forgotten like e-mails. 

The opt-in rate (users having agreed to receive push notifications) is very satisfactory, averaging 73%. You can increase this rate within your business by creating real value for your customers.

What’s more, their performance is very high: the open and read rate of a push notification is close to that of SMS, at around 95%. Much more economical than SMS, push notifications are the ideal communication tool for generating a customer database and communicating effectively with your customers. For your information, push notifications are included and unlimited with the myDev package.

How do I use them properly?

A communication tool is only effective if it creates value for your customer. To begin with, you need to encourage your customers to activate push notifications . To do this, you need to show them that it’s in their interest to do so, for example: 

  • He’ll be the first to know about new promotions, clearance sales…
  • They will receive promotional codes reserved exclusively for customers who have activated notifications. 
  • He’ll be invited to your private sales… 

Vous l’avez compris le meilleur moyen de créer de la valeur à son client et de lui faire profiter de bons plans qu’il n’aurait pas s’il n’avait pas activé les notifications push.

Thanks to this powerful communication tool, you can create a close relationship with your customers, keep them up to date with your business (events, changes in opening hours, special openings, etc.) and make them want to come back by managing your unsold stock, end-of-series items, etc.

And if you’d like to be the first to receive our latest tips for running your online business, activate your push notifications!

The myDev team

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