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Why do retailers need their own mobile app?

Why do retailers need their own mobile app?

According to Statista, mobile will account for around 73% of all e-commerce sales worldwide in 2021. In concrete terms, this means that worldwide, nearly three out of every four dollars spent on online purchases comes from mobile devices, and this rate is accelerating…

The French craze for in-app purchases

According to a study by OpinionWay, 1 in 2 French people say they use their smartphone to make purchases. With the smartphone being the device we use the most, it seems logical that our purchases are increasingly made on mobile applications, which offer numerous features and an optimized shopping experience. In fact, app installations are up 73%, and in-app spending has increased by 116% in France in 2021. These figures illustrate a new mode of consumption oriented towards mobile devices, and more specifically towards applications…

The benefits for retailers

The strong growth in in-app purchases has prompted us to take a closer look at the advantages that mobile applications can offer retailers: 

  • Immediate connection to their target: the opportunity to reach customers by being present directly on the device with which they interact most: smartphones.
  • Improved user experience (fluid, ergonomic path): the Toptal report indicates that this aspect encourages users to make a purchase. This leads 9 out of 10 customers to renew their business in the future, resulting in a higher return on investment.
  • Push notifications: this powerful communication tool lets you stay connected to your customers at all times by sending free messages via the mobile application.
  • Indirect advertising: the presence of the brand via the mini logo on customers’ smartphones can encourage them to make further purchases.
  • Customer loyalty: mobile applications enable us to get closer to our customers and fully meet their expectations.

Sales via mobile applications therefore represent a real opportunity for retailers. However, many of them (especially very small businesses) don’t have any, because of the constraints of cost, development time and management complexity.

The cost of a mobile application

There are many different types of mobile application, and depending on the functionality required, their cost can vary. The amount will also depend on the design the customer wishes to apply. The cost of a mobile e-commerce application ranges from €20,000 to €60, 000, depending on the features offered. Development time varies from 3 to 6 months, depending on complexity. It is also necessary to have a TMA (Tierce Maintenance Applicative) composed of mobile developers to keep the mobile application running smoothly. The myDev solution enables retailers to access their own mobile application and management interface in 3 weeks for just €299 per month. No need to have your own mobile developers, maintenance (TMA) is included in the myDev! package. The merchant can then enjoy the benefits of a mobile application without waiting too long or investing a large sum.  With myDev, the return on investment is extremely rapid.

The myDev team

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